Saturday, June 30, 2012

Flowers in June

They are so very beautiful and smell so very nice. I can share the pictures but not the wonderful smells.

Elderberry Bush.
This will make edible berries that make good jam!

Berries from the Honeysuckle Bush. Ripe is dark RED.
NOT edible for us but the birds like them.

Daisy Fleabane.
Used by early settlers to chase away--fleas.

Not sure what this one is but that is a REAL ladybug.
Not an Asian Beetle, the kind that bite.

Milkweed, the plant that the Monarch Butterfly lays it's eggs.
And a REAL honeybee--they look fuzzy.
Honey bees are a very important part of our natural order.
They fertilize the plants to make fruit-no bees, no fruit!

Clover. Clover smells heavenly.

Not sure what this one is...

Not sure here either.
Purple Coneflower--a medicinal plant.

If you dig up and roast the root, it makes a coffee-like beverage.

Cattails--a lot of these in our marsh.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Session Two-Outdoor Adventure Camp

IT IS HOT!!!! There is a heat advisory for today Thursday and Friday. We hope it will cool off soon. The schedule was adjusted for the Outdoor Adventure group today--free swim.

There are four different campsites. Each cabin has set up their own campsite on the grounds where they will cook ALL meals and sleep out for 3 nights. When I arrived at 9am, everyone had already finished breakfast AND cleaned up. I heard it was good--sausage and eggs! The girls were already up at the main part of camp. I noticed that they were PROUDLY displaying their RAINBOW broom. The rainbow broom is only given out if there is a cabin who has a PERFECTLY clean cabin (or in this case campsite). Here is the one cabin that was still at their campsite finishing up.

Outdoor Adventure also has a daily fitness session before they get on with their day.

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