Thursday, August 30, 2012

Nature Paparazzi-Bumblebees

When I take photos of a BUMBLEBEE and try to get a good one, I feel a lot like a nature paparazzi. Every time I see one, I stick my camera right in its face to try to get a shot and it seems like it tries to get away. Over the course of the summer I am sure that I have taken over a 100 photos just of bumblebees. Here are some of my latest...

After he left THIS flower he didn't just go to the next flower making it easy to take a picture--NO--he bumbled up the road a few hundred yards so I had to chase him. You can see why just to get these four pictures I had to chase this bumblebee all over taking about 15 pictures.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rowe Teachers Professional Development

Rowe Elementary School Teachers spent two days at House In The Wood to work on TEAM BUILDING. It might look like all fun and laughter (and it was!) but it was also HARD WORK.

Balloon hats and face painting were some of the activities teachers did in the CAMP JAM.

About half way through the evening activity groups were asked to evaluate their group--WERE THEY FOLLOWING THE GOALS THEY TALKED ABOUT AT THE BEGINNING?

 Team Pictures...

 Team Posters...

After doing a series of activities for about two hours, teachers spent some time talking about what made their team "JAM". And they set some goals for their groups during the coming school year.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Heartbreak Hotel

Every morning I would wake to this bird singing his little heart out. For such a small bird, he was an energetic singer--bubbly, loud and clear. Click to hear his song.

House Wren Photo
photo courtesy of
What was he singing about you ask? This is a male House Wren, who worked very hard to make a beautiful nest and he was working equally hard to find a mate to share it with.

He made hundreds of trips carrying a single twig into the little hole on the end of this bird feeder. Sometimes, the twig was too big to fit in the hole so he would go get another one. He worked on this nest every day for almost a week. And then he began to sing...

He would sit out on this bare limb above his nest in the green feeder and energetically defend his nesting area. He would chase away birds twice his size if they landed on the limb. He sang and sang.

He began singing in mid June and continued singing into late July. 
And then he stopped!

We never saw our House Wren again... 
...and he never did find a mate for his beautiful nest.

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