Thursday, May 31, 2012

Praries Stay Grassy because...

The PRESCRIBED BURN (a fire started under controlled conditions) is a prairie manager's most valuable tool for maintaining the grasslands in a prairie. At one time, prairie fires would happen regularly usually caused by lightning hitting the ground. Now, we must control the burn so that it doesn't burn down buildings or cause other damage.

Photo courtesy of Paynes Prairie, Micanopy, FL

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting Ready for Summer--Lifeguard Training

Meet the staff at House In The Wood now...

Stuart, Ricki, Taylor

Megan and Megan

Juliana and Sabina

Ricki, Taylor, Val, Juliana

Millie with Alex

So what is happening at House In The Wood now?

Ricki, Megan, Sabina, Stuart and Juliana are taking lifeguard training now. They started the class at the YMCA in Lake Geneva on Tuesday and will end it on Friday.

Taylor is helping by taking care of little Alex while Millie and Adam work.

Megan is busy taking care of the many details necessary to make the summer work smoothly.

Millie has the all important job of making delicious meals until our cooks start full-time for the summer. I snatched some of her zucchini bread to take home. Yumm!

Val is getting ready for the groups coming to camp over the next few days--Comer Middle School has an Outdoor Ed Program, the NUS Chicago Board and a few AmeriCorps are helping with our workbee, and Noble Street Charter School is coming for their Senior Retreat. 

Adam (not pictured) was on the phone--he spends a lot of time on the phone.

Ebony (not pictured) is helping get things ready for our summer staff and picking up staff from the airport.

Ricki, Stuart, Juliana, and Sabina are some of our international staff this year. Ricki and Stuart are returning to House In The Wood after a few years away. Juliana and Sabina are new staff.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rowe Third Graders--Do you know...?

The questions you know why a prairie doesn't have trees and brush?

The Rowe Third Graders visited a Prairie for their field trip last Friday. We talked about what happens naturally to keep the trees and brush from growing and turning the grassland into a forest.

There was a PRAIRIE where I just spent the last week for first aid training. I was looking out the window and I was wondering how they kept their Prairie looking like this:

rather than this:

DO YOU KNOW the answer to the question? Here is a hint. Look closely at the photos below to see evidence of what natural event?

What color is the dried grass between the new green grass?

Brown is natural. What causes it to be black?

What happen to cause the marks at the bottoms of the trees?


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